All courses in the BuugShare Academy educational platform are protected by the rights of the teacher and the college. Therefore, it is not allowed to be disseminated or used in any other way without the permission of the teacher and the college.

An agreement of one of three types is made between the teacher and the college;

  1. The rights to the course are typically transferred to the college when the teacher completes the course preparation and sells it to the institution once (for a one-time fee).
  2. The instructor should take a percentage of every course sale which is 60%, and sell his course on a percentage basis. The instructor has a right to the course and he/she is free to determine its price, and other terms also.
  3. In addition to transferring ownership of the course and the right to set the price, a teacher must also agree that he cannot sell the course elsewhere.

Considering the pupils’ involvement,

  • The student has lifetime access to the course materials after paying for the course.
  • When the student buys the course, he is not allowed to spread the course elsewhere or give it to anyone else.
  • When the student pays, if he wants a refund, he must not take more than 25% from the course.
  • If the student has a complaint, he must contact the administration and the teacher.
  • If the student violates the conditions twice, a warning will be given and the third time the student will be dismissed